Oh Good, Kendall Jenner Showed Her Nipples Again

Not one to let Bruce Jenner steal the spotlight with the recent announcement of his departure from manliness and all things Kardashian, Kris Jenner set loose her youngest kraken, Kendall Jenner. She suggested it’d be a great idea for the barely legal Kendall to walk the Marc Jacobs show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week where she wore the latest in styles. A see-through top with no bra (NSFW picture here). Because I see people dressing like this every day. The amount of tits around me is unfathomable, I tell my friends.

Some people weren’t too enthused about seeing Kendall’s tits, however. I’m not sure why. A tit is a tit. Whatever the case, Khloe Kardashian came to her defense calling all the haters “basic bitches.” She’s very endearing.

  • opiul99

    hey idiot, two wrongs don’t make a right. it seems pretty self-explanatory, but let me explain it to your dense ass anyway – if you want to be welcomed in a country, you probably shouldn’t pull the chink eyes, insulting both the Buddha and the entire country’s inhabitants. and if you’re stupid enough to have done that, you should probably apologize rather than whine about how it’s the media’s fault. understood?

  • T.U. A.

    lol try harder next time. First that detergent commercial never made it to any large audience because that company took it down and apologized for what they did wrong. And did you know the one-child policy is no longer in effect?

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