Scarlett Johansson and Kate Winslet Go Makeup Free in Vanity Fair

Scarlett Johansson and Kate Winslet posed without makeup for Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue. Photographed by the famed Chuck Close, the headshots feature a closeup of Scarlett and Kate’s faces in front of a simple grey background.

Winslet, who gives her serious face, was pregnant at the time of the shoot with her third kid. Chuck said of the shots, “I don’t do glamour shots, and they’re not airbrushed or whatever. So they can be, um…they can be rough. So I need to talk people through it.”

“They have to give up a great deal of vanity in order to do it. And it takes a real act of generosity and faith on the part of the subject to go with it and to give me their image without having any control over what’s gonna happen,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Scarlett was grinning ear to ear because she was either high or she knows she’s hot with or without makeup.

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8 years ago

I’s amazing what make-up can do for you, of course I won’t say that Scarlett it’s ugly without make-up because it’ll be a big fat lie, but she’s certainly average.

Kudos to her for putting her vanity aside and take that pic

I love her before and I love her even more now for that pic, that’s shows character.

8 years ago

Cate looks like a man and Scarlett could pass for 18!

MadMike R5D4
MadMike R5D4
7 years ago

I’d still do both of them.

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