Shia LaBeouf Sat Alone in a Room With a Paper Bag Over His Head Crying

On Tuesday, Shia LaBeouf invited everyone to his one-man art project in LA called “#IAMSORRY”. For six days, LaBeouf will sit in an art gallery as a way of apologizing for plagiarizing all those people. Of course, sites ranging from Gawker to The Daily Beast to Buzzfeed all went to check it out.

At first they went to mock him and ask stupid questions, but then everyone felt sorry for him because that’s what happens when one sits across from a mentally unstable man weeping underneath a paper bag with the words “I am not famous anymore” written on it.

When you first enter the room, you’re allowed to choose from a leather whip, a pair of pliers, a vase of daisies, an Optimus Prime Transformer toy, a bowl of Hershey’s kisses, a bowl of folded slips of paper containing tweets about LaBeouf, a large bottle of Jack Daniels, a small bottle of Brut cologne, a pink ukulele, and the graphic novel The Death-Ray by Daniel Clowes. Presumably, you’re supposed to take one of these instruments and use it however you wish on Shia LaBeouf. For example, if you really didn’t like him, you’d take the cologne and spray him in the eyes with it.

LaBeouf sits at the table, with his hands palms down on top of it, and does not say anything, no matter what is brought into the room with him. When I asked him if he was talking at all, he barely chuckled, and appeared to smile underneath the bag. At no point did he break eye contact with me, and the paper just underneath the eyeholes of the bag was wet, as if LaBeouf had been crying. He also did not interact with what I brought in, Clowes’ book, even after I asked him to read it. BuzzFeed

Most reported similar experiences. One BuzzFeed staffer and Andrew Romano from The Daily Beast managed to get the bag off Shia’s head to prove that it was really him. Romano even managed to snap a pic of him despite the no photography rule.

Since this just started, you have to wonder when someone is going to take the pliers and twist his nipples with them or when a homeless guy is going to go in, poop on the floor and then take a nap.

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9 years ago

He’ll never make any money with such inconvenient hours; most of his peers are probably asleep until 7pm.

9 years ago

Inconvenient hours.

The Blemish
9 years ago
Reply to  oblio9090

Hashtag. Twitter.