This Is Supposed to be Miley Cyrus on W Magazine

Update: Better version. Check out her interview with Ronan Farrow here.

A leaked cover of magazine featuring Miley Cyrus made it to the internet. At least that’s who people say it is even though the girl on it looks nothing like Miley Cyrus. Are you sure that’s her? It looks more like Amber Heard. Yea, the tattoos match up and she is half-naked which is Miley’s preferred state of being, but maybe they pasted someone else’s face on her body. That’s got to be it.

You think you can fool me, W magazine? I don’t know what kind of game you’re playing, but I won’t stand for it.

In related news, Miley showed her ass on Instagram. She put up a shot of her in a pair of panties that said “Bangerz” on them. Thankfully, no skid marks.

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