UFC Fighter Thiago Silva Arrested, Shoved a Gun in Wife’s Mouth

Former, as of a few hours ago, UFC fighter Thiago Silva was in a standoff with SWAT last night at his Florida residence after threatening to murder his wife, Thaysa Silva, and her boyfriend, Pablo Popovitch. His wife and him are said to have been separated back in 2012 but continued to live together.

Reports say Silva, who was drunk, drove up to Popovitch’s jiu-jitsu center in South Florida Thursday night, pulled out a glock and pointed it at his wife. He told her, “You have ten seconds to bring Pablo outside and if he does not come out, I will go in the gym and start shooting everyone.”

Thayso said Pablo came out to protect her which caused Thiago to threaten them both. Pablo then ran inside to call 911. Thiago eventually drove back home and had a 3 hour standoff with SWAT before finally surrendering but not before giving them the middle finger. When Silva came outside he was tased “for officer safety reasons.”

Asked by a photog on the scene if he pulled a gun on his wife, Thiago responded, “She wants my house, she wants my money.” He added, “Just don’t report this.  Can you do that for me?” Uh, sure thing buddy. We’ll keep this between ourselves.

This isn’t the first time Thiago has threatened his wife either. Back on Jan. 30, Thaysa got a restraining order against him after he accused her of cheating on him and shoved a revolver in her mouth threatening to shoot her. Jesus. Though this is kind of weird considering one report says they’ve been separated since 2012 and that her boyfriend is Popovitch. Is it an affair if you’re separated or maybe they weren’t actually separated. Who knows.

Showing up in court this morning, the judge threw out attempted murder charges against Silva saying there wasn’t enough evidence he intended to kill his wife. “It just seems if he wanted to shoot Mrs. Silva, he would’ve done it. He didn’t do it.” Silva was charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm instead and deemed a flight risk.

UFC President Dana White told TMZ, “This guy will never fight in the UFC again.” That should go without saying. Unless they had him fight a bear. A really angry, hungry bear.

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