The 3D ‘Peanuts’ Trailer Is Here

People have been asking for a Peanuts movie forever and now they finally got their wish. Except, not really. The new trailer for the Peanuts movie was just released and instead of the classic animation everyone loved and wanted, we get this 3D animated version that somehow feels like it stripped the very essence of the original Peanuts.

“Snoopy will not be rapping, no one will be twerking, we’re in good hands,” he said. However, the tools of technology will allow audiences to experience certain elements of the strip in a whole new way. “We’re going to fly with Snoopy in his fantasy world,” director Steve Martino said. “We have a bigger canvas. Bill Melendez got Snoopy off the ground in the TV specials. We’re going to take it a step further.”

Way to go, guys. I’m sure fans of the original Peanuts will love this and not say anything bad about it at all. In fact, fans will probably be thrilled you changed the medium that everyone was used to for decades. People love change.

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