Biggest Winner at Juno Awards: Tegan and Sara. Biggest Loser at Juno Awards: Justin Bieber

The Juno Awards, Canada’s version of the Grammys, saw Tegan and Sara accept the award for Single of the Year for their hit “Closer.” This is their first win despite having been nominated 5 times in years prior. Suffice to say, they were the big winners on Sunday.

As for the biggest loser on Sunday, that would be Justin Bieber. Bieber won the fan choice award but he wasn’t around to accept. And it’s a good thing too or else we would have seen a single tear roll down his cheek as half the audience booed him.

However, while accepting her award for songwriter of the year, Serena Ryder defended Bieber saying, “I really think that Justin Bieber is an amazing musician and he deserved every bit of that award because he’s been working his ass off his entire life and we need to support how awesome he is.”

Except not really. Most of 2013 for Bieber was spent being a douchebag. Are there douchebags of the year awards? Because he would win in every category.

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8 years ago

Bieber is still a fan favorite? Really? Haven’t all the 12 year olds he originally swept up as his “fans” grown up and developed better taste in music by now?

Hey Canada: Take him back and lock him away in the most remote part of the country. You’d be doing the rest of the world a favor.

Phil B.
Phil B.
8 years ago
Reply to  LostBoyPA

No kidding. Reading that just destroyed some of my faith in humanity.

Joshua C.
Joshua C.
8 years ago

LOL…the Canadians are sick of him too! Hey Canada, you can have him back anytime in all his glorious douchebaggery!!! Just another punk-assed wigger wannabe now….

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