Chelsea Handler Has Had Enough, Will Leave ‘Chelsea Lately’

According to her manager, Irving Azoff, Chelsea Handler plans to leave E! after finishing the nine months left on her contract for Chelsea Lately, her talk show which has been surprisingly running for 8 years. Wow. Those five people who watch it must have been vocal about keeping it around.

Rumors point to the departure as a result of her dissatisfaction with E!. She told Howard Stern in March that E! is “a sad, sad place to live,” adding, “They don’t know what they’re doing. They have no ideas. It’s a failure.” Clearly, she’s wrong. E! obviously knows what they’re doing. They have a 10 year plan of milking the Kardashians dry. Diversification to them is just putting a Kardashian in another city.

Handler’s reps have been setting up meetings with Sony, Lionsgate and FX to see if anyone will let her have her own show. The meetings probably go something like, “Hey, I know you’re in there. I saw you turn off the light.”

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