Dissecting Patrice Wilson: Grace Liu – ‘Get In My Car’ Edition

Not content with just cornering the English speaking market with terrible music videos, Patrice Wilson and his production company have now crossed over internationally with Grace Liu. Much like all his other videos, this one begins and ends without making any sense whatsoever.

It starts off with an Asian guy on an airplaneĀ pondering the traffic situation down below and wondering if he should ride a horse and where the best place to ride a horse would be. Santa Monica? Las Vegas? Another random city in the US? Out of the blue, he notices a “China girl” though I’m not sure if that’s the preferred nomenclature for her people.

The camera pans to the “China girl” who bursts out in song. Then all of a sudden, the girl who was sitting next to Asian dude turns into a guy and then there’s a lot of dancing.

The lyrics themselves make no sense. “Get in my car so we can fly away.” There’s a lot of flailing of arms which is supposed to be dancing. Then it gets a little racial in the middle when they have the “China girl” dress in what I’m guessing is traditional Chinese garb or that thing belly dancers wear and dance on the Great Wall. Of course, I use the term “dance” loosely because it looks like she couldn’t dance her way out of a paper bag.

Then the Asian guy starts rapping in Chinese and Patrice Wilson, who’s contractually obligated to be in every single video, starts rapping in Chinese too. Only this time he’s not trying to lure little kids to a party.

At this point, I’m actually impressed by how Patrice has managed to corner a very, very niche market that he himself created. It’s genius, really.

Grade: C+

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