George Lopez Had a Fantastic Time in Canada, Fell Asleep on Casino Floor

Last week, George Lopez got so drunk in a Canadian casino, where he was performing, that he just lay on the floor and fell asleep. Security called the cops and Lopez was arrested for public intoxication.

Law enforcement sources tell us Caesars Windsor security alerted police to the Lopez situation — presumably after they found him on the floor — and officers subsequently arrested him
inside the casino bar at Caesars Windsor.

No charges are being filed against Lopez — we’re told he was pretty much dumped in a drunk tank to let him sober up.

Lopez said the next morning, “Tied one on last night. Not feeling great this morning. I was trying to sleep it off, unfortunately, it was on the casino floor.”

Just so you know, they won’t even let you close your eyes for a few seconds in a casino. C’mon, man. I’m not sleeping in this chair. I’m just imagining the next 150 hands of blackjack I’m about to play.

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