#JennyAsks Turns Into Internet Hilarity as ‘Haters’ Respond

A few days ago, Jenny McCarthy asked a pretty innocuous question. “What is the most important personality trait you look for in a mate?” She asked people to reply using #JennyAsks.

Being the face of the anti-vaccine movement, things did not go so well. At least for Jenny. If this was OkCupid, she may as well have been an overweight male minority whose only picture is of him sitting in a scooter at his computer playing World of Warcraft.

Hahaha. Never going to happen.

Jenny McCarthy responded in the only way she knew how. By bragging about the haters increasing her Q Score.

Oh no, a popularity metric normal people don’t care about is being inflated for an idiot. Guess we better stop now.

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9 years ago

You know Jenny, the moment a kid here in the U.S. dies from scarlet fever or gets paralyzed due to polio, I really hope they arrest your sorry ass. I dunno for what, there’s got to be SOME law or other against attempted genocide by means of sheer arrogance and stupidity.