Jessica Simpson Reaches Her Weight Loss Goal

A little over a year ago, Jessica Simpson made a deal with Weight Watchers where she would lose her post-pregnancy weight and they would film a commercial of her extolling the virtues of their program. Except, it didn’t work out so well because she didn’t meet her goal and then she got pregnant again.

She popped out her second kid last summer and went back to work losing weight. Eight months later and she’s finally reached her weight loss goal. She celebrated by posting a really grainy photo of herself with her arm covering her stomach on Instagram with the caption, “First time rocking a white dress this year …but not the last!!Thanks @weightwatchers!”

She also posted a close-up of her in a white t-shirt (header photo) and she actually does look slimmer now so it looks like we’re going to have to stop calling her a fatty. Well, I mean, we don’t have to but she’d probably appreciate it.

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