Johnny Carson Has a Sex Tape, Gigantic Penis

Back in the 1970’s, Johnny Carson recorded a sex tape with his wife and sources are saying his wang is huge.

The owner of the tape approached the Carson estate in September hoping they’d cut him a check for it but the estate told them to pound sand and threatened to sue if it was ever sold.┬áThis person doesn’t take too kindly to threats and they’re now shopping it to private collectors.

Sources who’ve seen the tape say it begins with a naked, dark-haired Carson jerking it by a pool and then shows a woman with a bouffant doing her best impression of Linda Lovelace. 5 minutes later, it cuts to a 20-minute pound session with Johnny and his wife. It’s unclear which wife it is.

Everyone who’s seen it has clutched their chest and shouted, “Dios mio!,” because Carson is apparently hung like a horse. 10 inches says one source. Jesus, he could have probably used that thing as a wiffleball bat.

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Matty C
Matty C
9 years ago

Wifflebat ball… Ha ha ha, genius. I come for the tities but stay for the writing.

Early Cuyler
9 years ago

I wonder if Jack Hanna ever noticed he was missing one of his pythons after the show

John Dugan
John Dugan
8 years ago

Hey, he had handy a good topic of conversation if things ever got slow on the show. Hopefully, he kept that snake in good shape; too many men neglect tool health and need to use a first rate penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil).