Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are Kissing Again

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez met up in Texas on Friday for breakfast and shopping. Maybe even a spa day if Bieber was lucky. The two ate at a Mexican restaurant for breakfast where they hugged and made out in front of everybody over huevos rancheros and pork chops with grilled onions, tomatoes and jalapeños. Nothing says romance like tonguing each other over a colon-busting breakfast.

They next visited the Royal Perfumeria shop, where Bieber purchased Obsession by Calvin Klein cologne and Givenchy Pour Homme.

“They came in together for about five minutes and he wanted to smell the Givenchy cologne and he wanted Obsession,” says owner Lydia Gonzalez. “And Selena was just browsing and looking at the fragrances for women. They were both polite and nice.”

That’s the most effeminate thing I’ve ever heard. How did he decide on a cologne? Spray some of it in front of him and flutter his hands in the air like a fairy to waft the scent into his face?

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8 years ago

I wonder who’s publicist wrote this “piffle?”

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