Khloe Kardashian Did Not Like This Joan Rivers Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Parody With Ray J

When Joan Rivers asked Ray J to parody Kim Kardashian’s sex tape with her, Ray J gave a fist pump, logged off CareerBuilder and headed to the studio to make whatever this is you see below.

The problem here was Khloe Kardashian doesn’t have a sense of humor about something that happened 7 years ago and pulled out of filming Joan’s Fashion Police. She was scheduled to shoot on Wednesday. They had to scramble for a new co-host and re-do the script.

“Joan is fine,” laughs our source. “She says ‘Thank you’ for the publicity for ‘Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?’ What is she going to do? She wrote new jokes. She’s doesn’t give a s— about the Kardashians.”

Khloe probably hoped the show would be delayed without her but when she found out it wasn’t, she probably let out one of those sad Wookie cries like, “Hraaaaaaunggggggggght!,” and shuffled back to her cave in the woods.

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