Do You Know the Words to ‘Baby Got Back’? Miley Cyrus Sort Of Does

Miley Cyrus celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with her friends in New Orleans yesterday. She first made a stop at Cat’s Meow for karaoke where she sang Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” Like the rest of us, she realized she didn’t actually remember all the words and just shouted the parts she did know and shook her ass for the rest. That’s, like, my go-to move in karaoke when I don’t know the lyrics. Usually it’s followed by the sound of a record scratch and me shuffling off the stage with my head hung low.

Cyrus later went to grub down somewhere. Not sure where but she started twerking on the counter while waiting for her food.

I have no idea if that speeds up service or not but I’m willing to try next time I’m at KFC. “Sir, please stop. You’re making the other customers uneasy.” Well you better hurry up with my order then, huh?

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