Lady Gaga Got Naked in Her ARTPOP Video

Lady Gaga plays an injured naked humanoid bird in her new music video for “G.U.Y.” The video starts with her laying on the ground with an arrow through her back. Then she stumbles to a mansion where two guys in trash bags carry her around a gigantic swimming pool while gays dress her in flowers and throw her in the water. People begin pushing her down into it and you start thanking baby jesus that they were going to finally drown her like you do a dumpster baby, but, no, everyone starts dancing around in white clothes and that’s when the real sighing begins because this thing lasts another 9 minutes. 4 of which consist of end credits. Yea, 4 minutes of credits for a 5 minute music video. Which circle of hell is this?

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8 years ago

She’s a weirdo, but not as skanky and nasty as that M-word thing.

Mark Dreher
8 years ago

That woman, is in serious need of a husband.

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