The Malaysia Flight 370 Crash Site Has Been Found

It was announced by the Malaysian government today that, after analyzing satellite data, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 had definitively crashed into the Indian Ocean. This should put to rest all those conspiracy theories that the plane was hijacked and being hidden away to be used for a terrorist plot.

Now that the crash site has been found, it may take months to years to recover all the wreckage including the black box. Even then, it’d take even longer to piece together what happened aboard Flight 370.

“Some parts have to be recovered and positively identified that they came from that Malaysia Airlines plane,” Yurman says.

Once there is positive identification, investigators “have to backtrack” and find a debris field to determine whether the plane made a controlled or an uncontrolled descent into the ocean, he says.

A debris field “could be 20 miles or hundreds of miles” from where satellite images showed what is believed to be wreckage of the Malaysian jumbo jet.

Former National Transportation Safety Board chairman Jim Hall says there could be multiple debris fields. He says much depends on ocean currents that could have scattered wreckage.

“We don’t know how many debris fields there are,” Hall says.

In other words, if you want to hear the accident report, come back in 5 years and even then the only thing you’ll get is “the plane crashed.”

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9 years ago

Do you believe the Malaysian “spokesperson?” I’d prefer to have that confirmed by our government or any other government that doesn’t let terrorists live in their country.