The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Finale Was Polarizing

Tonight was the How I Met Your Mother finale. The day everyone finally got to find out why exactly Ted Mosby spent 9 years telling his kids about how he met their Aunt Robin. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should probably go watch it now and stop reading.

It’s actually a bittersweet ending for most fans. Some feel cheated that the buildup leading to the mother, Tracy McConnell, was cut to a short 20 or so minutes to reveal that she had died.

Others realized that this was destined to happen. Robin Scherbatsky was always the end game from the moment Ted stole the blue horn to this final episode with the big slap you upside the head message of Robin being the white whale. Every episode before this was a big sign pointing to this happening (like Robin’s realization that Ted was the one who always went big for her). Granted, I could be reading way too much into this. Thoughts?

On another note, anyone notice Ted’s hair was blue at the end?

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