Miley Cyrus Is Covering The Beatles With Wayne Coyne

A lot of Flaming Lips fans probably fell to their knees and contemplated seppuku when they saw that video of Wayne Coyne and Miley Cyrus dueting at the Staples Center. Personally, I didn’t really care but, if you were one of the people that do, things aren’t looking to get any better with these photos Coyne posted to Instagram.

The first photo (above) he captioned with, “Miley in the studio vomiting diamonds while singing Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds!! If you’re a Beatles and John Lennon freak you gonna love love love this track!! Got Andrew from MGMT too!!!!”

Then there’s this photo of Miley rolling a joint. The two were in the studio together getting “high as f**k” as musicians tend to do.

Don’t worry. Things get worse before they get better.

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