The Trailer for Linday Lohan’s New Show Is a Tour de Force

The trailer for Linday Lohan’s series on Oprah’s OWN network has dropped. On March 9, we will have indisputable proof that Lindsay is a f**k-up by choice and not by circumstance. The series follows Lindsay through New York during her Phoenix-like rise from the ashes. Maybe not Phoenix-like. More cockroach-like in that she’s somehow still alive.

The series is described as a “honest, no-holds-barred account” that gives an “intimate, unflinching look into the life of one of the world’s most sought-after celebrities.”

You can even see Oprah tell Lindsay in the trailer, “you need to cut the bullshit, you really do.” Which just goes to show that in the series, Oprah did more parenting than Dina Lohan ever did.

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