Two People Get Told They Look Like Celebs, Get Surgery to Still Look Nothing Like Said Celebs

Someone with a sense of humor told this woman named Kitty (funnily enough a dog trainer) that she looked like Jennifer Lawrence. Someone else told another woman, Rosie, that she looked like Michelle Rodriguez. According to Rosie, this happens about 3-4 times a month. Mostly due to the permanent scowl on her face.

In an effort to look more like their perceived celebrity counterparts, they decided to get plastic surgery. Nightline followed them on their journey to bitter disappointment.

After Kitty’s $25,000 worth of plastic surgeries, she still looks nothing like Jennifer Lawrence. Meanwhile, after her $8,000 surgery, Rosie still looks nothing like Michelle Rodriguez. Actually, even less so now that the surgery took away her permanent scowl.

Of course, no one will tell them that as long as they keep carrying around those full size cardboard cutouts of their celebrity lookalikes. If someone comes up to you and asks if they look like the 6ft tall piece of cardboard their cradling, you’re not going to say “no” unless you want to be stabbed.

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