Brittany Murphy, James Gandolfini, Paul Walker All Have Movies Coming Out

Six months before Brittany Murphy died in December 2009, she filmed Something Wicked co-starring Shantel VanSanten. Five years later, they released the trailer. It’s opening in limited release on April 4. So if you thought Murphy was one of our nation’s preeminent actors or you just like to see her freak out while mascara runs down her face, now is your chance to see her final masterpiece.

In more recent dead people in a soon to be released movie news, James Gandolfini’s The Drop had it’s trailer, um, drop a few days ago. He stars opposite Tom Hardy. This one’s more of a crime drama about funneling cash and a robbery gone awry. Unlike Brittany Murphy, Gandolfini does not freak out with mascara running down his face. Though it would have been an interesting scene. Probably could have won him a posthumous Oscar like Heath Ledger.

Meanwhile, Paul Walker stars in a parkour movie called Brick Mansions. It’s like The Raid but with parkour. If you listen closely, you can hear Paul Walker scream, “It’s. So. Extreeeeeeme!,” from his urn.

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