Bruce Jenner Wants to be an Ugly Girl Named Bridgitte

Bruce Jenner has been living with the Kardashians for so long that either the estrogen has seeped into him or he’s simply decided to give up and assimilate. He already shaved down his adam’s apple, gave himself an hombre hairstyle and now, according to Star, is considering both a name and sex change. Bruce wants to be a girl called Bridgette.

Jenner has been talking to sex change coach Dr. Renée Richards, a transgendered person helping Bruce through his life changes.

Richards — who was born Richard Raskind — has told Jenner that a sex change is “a serious, life-altering procedure and is not something to do unless you absolutely have no other choice,” an insider told Star.

“She said someone should consider antidepressants first, because life could become an irreversible train-wreck if you’re not completely certain about having the surgery.”

This is Star which is reporting this so gigantic grain of salt but it’s not that out there. I mean, you don’t shave down your adam’s apple just because you “never liked your trachea.” No, you do it so when you pick up dudes at a club they can’t tell you’re also a dude until it’s too late and, “You know, since we’re already here, might as well.”

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9 years ago

He wants to be call Bridgitte and have a big black cock in his ass and another one in his mouth.

Dennis Schrank
Dennis Schrank
8 years ago

You mean just like all the Kardashian real woman ? He will fit right in {that’s what she/he said} ha ha ha haha