Charles Barkley Will Fight Shaq in a Grappling Match

The Beatdown in A-Town is really happening. Shaq and Charles Barkley have been joking about fighting each other in an MMA match but now they’re planning to do it for real and have even set the date and rules. The fight is going down May 14th. The rules are simple:

  1. The fight will start on the ground and be grappling only
  2. No punching in the face
  3. No gloves

Oh, okay. So this is more of a jiu jitsu match than an MMA fight. It should be good nonetheless. The two have been training MMA. Sort of. I’m not sure how serious Shaq trained but judging by his kicks, not very.

Watching these two flail haplessly on the ground could be the best thing ever. Add to that the fact that after 2 minutes, we’ll get to see them call a timeout as they both struggle for breath.

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10 years ago

That is awesome! :D