Chris Brown Will Be Flying Con Air

Recently jailed Chris Brown is shocked, just, shocked that the US Attorney wants to chain him up and ship him from LA to DC on Nic Cage’s Con Air. It’s like they think he’s a criminal or something.

Chris’ lawyer, Mark Geragos, was in court today arguing his client should be allowed out of L.A. County Jail in a few weeks so he can fly back on his own to face trial in D.C.

Geragos claims in legal docs — obtained by TMZ — that to put Chris on a Con Air flight would deprive him of his right to spend necessary time with his lawyer so he can prepare for courtroom battle.

If he has issues with this, no one tell him the other part of the plan which is to strip Chris of his passport and ship him to Australia, land of the convicts. He’ll love it there. You ever punch a wallaby before, Chris?

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