Drake Lint Rolled His Pants During the NBA Playoffs

You never actually believe the memes are true but last night at Game 2 between the Brooklyn Nets and Toronto Raptors, Drake was seen on the sideline lint rolling his pants. He lives by one motto. Yolo. You don’t want to yolo with lint on your pants.

Gif for those that want to relive the cringe over and over again.

Naturally, this spawned even more “Drake the type of” jokes which is actually a long running joke that began three years ago. If you don’t get it, it’s meant to contrast his sensitive persona with the macho stereotype hip hop loves to project.

– Drake that type of ni**a who pretends he’s asleep in the car ride home so his homies will carry him inside.

– Drake the type of ni**a that makes the noise of the animal cracker before eating it.

– Drake the type of ni**a to eat two gummy bears together because he doesn’t want them to die alone.

– Drake the type of ni**a who repeat after he rinse.

– Drake the type of ni**a to click exit on a porn site because he wasn’t 18 yet.

– Drake the type of ni**a who sends you’re welcome cards after receiving thank you cards.

– Drake the type of ni**a to cover his mouth when giggling.

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