Emma Stone Covers Vogue’s May Issue

Emma Stone is in the May edition of Vogue. There’s not much you learn from her that you couldn’t have already guessed. Like, she’s never seen Easy A because there’s too much of herself in it and her boyfriend Andrew Garfield is super duper cool. Not her exact words. Pretty much your down to earth celebrity who hasn’t let fame swallow them up ala Justin Bieber.

Stone’s not being falsely modest. She is the rare person in public life who will straight up tell you that yes, she has Googled herself. “I don’t usually like what I find,” she says. “But some of it is really funny.” Stone mentions Internet comments that referred to her as a “Bland Basic Bitch,” which was probably meant as a dig, but she found it hilarious, to the point that at dinner she now begins to refer to herself as “That Bland Basic Bitch.” Friends claim she isn’t swept up by fame. “She is just a breath of fresh air, she really is,” says Octavia Spencer, who recalls meeting Stone before making The Help and thinking she was a precocious fourteen-year old. (“The coolest little fourteen-year-old I ever met,” she jokes.) Spencer and Stone remain close; she has Thanksgiving with Stone’s family. “What you see is what you get,” Spencer says. “It’s not pretend or a feigned humility, it really is who she is.”

You’re not going to see her drunk driving down Hollywood Blvd. anytime soon. Which is a real shame because it worked out so well for Lindsay Lohan.

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