This Emma Watson Gif Is Hot Yet Terrifying

What if the Emma Watson you were looking at wasn’t Emma Watson? What if it was Sofia Vergara in disguise? It’d be pretty sweet, right? Sure, if she didn’t reveal herself in the most terrifying way possible.

What I’m experiencing right now can most accurately be described as a nightmare boner. My penis is confused. The source of the gif is below.

If you’re wondering why, it’s from a video about masking where grown men wear silicone female body suits. Surprisingly, still not as terrifying as this.

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Casey Fluffbutt
Casey Fluffbutt
8 years ago

It’s a fake – the hair on the “mask” disappears and it’s not the girl underneath’s hair as it’s a full-head mask, now bald.

Just digital video manipulation, maybe a Maya render..

7 years ago

ahh but if you look at the end of vid there’s a hole in the top where the hair was pulled thru.

Casey Fluffbutt
Casey Fluffbutt
7 years ago
Reply to  LolleyGagger

You can see the small hole in the video, that’s for sure. I’ll revise my comment – it’s partly real BUT digitally enhanced. I’m basing that on the hole, actually – human hair is not only attached at the top, it’s growing all over the scalp. And there’s too much hair on the mask-head for it to only come out of that top hole. So, I’d say that it’s all real, but extra hair was added from her after-mask head onto the mask-head. Compare the two (i did, I extracted all frames from the gif and enlarged the 200% and… Read more »

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