Frankenstein Nirvana Paid Tribute to Nirvana

Nirvana was finally inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame last night but since Kurt Cobain is dead, they rotated a bunch of stand-ins to pay tribute to the band. Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic reprised their roles on drums and bass while other filled in for Kurt.

Pat Smear played guitar while Joan Jett sang “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Kim Gordon sang for “Aneurysm,” St. Vincent’s Annie Clark for “Lithium,” and Lorde sang “All Apologies.” Which makes sense and no sense at the same time. She wasn’t even born during Nirvana’s run.

Anyway, it was a successful night considering Krist Novoselic didn’t hit himself in the face with his bass again. When you can say that, it’s always a good day.

Thanks to Stereogum, a couple videos of the performances below.

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