Haha, You Suck, Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber tried to hit up the big Miami clubs last weekend but because he’s a gigantic asshat, he’s on everyone’s s**t list. His people put in calls to the big three, LIV, Story and AdorĂ©, begging them for tables and promising to spend money on bottles. All three denied him for two reasons.

For one, Bieber is under 21 and, for another, he’s more trouble than he’s worth. The last time he was in Miami, he was popped for a DUI giving SET, the club he was at, a lot of negative press.

However, the clubs said they would let Bieber in if he performed since acts don’t have to meet the 21+ requirement. Bieber turned them down.

Justin ended up spending Friday night at Cavalli Restaurant and Lounge. No word on where he went Saturday. Probably to his hotel room where he sat in the corner sobbing hysterically because no one likes him.

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8 years ago

I love it! This little lesbian think she owns the world! There you go ducebag!

8 years ago

You know, on one hand I hate this little creep. I don’t think I’ve seen a celebrity this far up their own ass before. But on the other hand, he got his fame when his hormones were just starting to kick into full swing. He still is a teenage boy, and we all know how asinine THEY can be. Throw in gobs of money, fame and a throng of yes-men and you have the recipe for a walking disaster.

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