Israel Banned This Bar Rafaeli Muppet Commercial

A commercial from fashion brand Hoodies starring Bar Rafaeli has been banned from daytime tv in Israel because it contains “too many sexual insinuations.”

The promo features a muppet, Red Orbach, and Bar Rafaeli post-coitus in a dream sequence where, eventually, a bunch of other Bar Rafaelis start popping up all over the bed. Then it cuts to a few Bar Rafaelis washing a car like it was a Michael Bay audition tape. Later, it cuts to Rafaelis playing strip poker.

Apparently this was too sexually suggestive for Israel’s Second Authority for Television and Radio who have banned it from airing before 10 p.m. A good idea because you don’t want kids to start banging their beanie babies or whatever stuffed animal they have lying around the house. Try explaining that to your mom.

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