Jean-Claude Van Damme Almost Played The Predator, Watch

Before Kevin Peter Hall played the iconic alien in the original Predator film, Jean-Claude Van Damme, fresh off the boat from Brussels, was tapped to play him. In fact, he was already filming scenes when he threw a hissy fit because he thought he’d be showing off his martial arts skills to the world and not stuck in a costume. To make matters worse, Van Damme thought the red outfit he was wearing was what the creature would look like. “I hate this. I hate this. I hate it. I look like a superhero,” Van Damme complained. It didn’t help that they explained that it was the Predator’s cloak and that he’d be invisible for most of the film.

Van Damme was eventually replaced by Kevin Peter Hall and the original Predator was changed to make him not look like a pansy alien who always skipped leg day.

JCVD went on to star in Bloodsport so things turned out great for everyone because now we have this gif.

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