Let’s All Stare at Alexandra Daddario’s Butt

If you thought that True Detective scene with Alexandra Daddario was going to be the last we ever saw of her kick-ass body (and by “body” I mean “boobs”), then I’m happy to prove you wrong. Vanity Fair did a profile on everyone’s favorite up and coming actress but I have no idea what they wrote because the only thing hotter than her body are her eyes. If I ever got a chance to talk face to face with Daddario, all I’d be able to do is put my head in my hands and sigh while little cartoon hearts popped above my head.

Anyway, this goes without saying but Woody Harrelson is a big fan of her as well.

Harrelson was equally impressed. “She was incredibly focused, hardworking, and willing to try anything. She’s got those hypnotic eyes that people only get by wearing contacts, but hers are real and induce a feeling of euphoria. There was a scene where I come in, fight the guy she’s with, and she yells at me, and that was a little more challenging, but she has an ability to be flexible and real inside the scene.”

Aww, I bet he says that about all the girls who shove their boobs in his face.

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