McDonald’s Is Paying Vanessa Hudgens to Attend Coachella

NYDN’s Confidenti@l reports that Vanessa Hudgens and Lea Michele are being paid to attend Coachella.

McDonald’s is paying Hudgens $15,000 to attend. It’s unclear if she’s contractually obligated to have a Big Mac dripping out of her mouth every hour. Meanwhile, Lea Michele will make $20,000 from Lacoste to serve as a glorified coat rack for their clothes during the festival.

However, a few celebrities are still looking for sponsorship. Aaron Paul is asking for $15,000 for 2 VIP passes, Kate Bosworth wants double that, Joe Jonas wants $20,000, and British fashion blogger Louise Roe wants $5,000 and three tickets.

Is Kate Bosworth still famous? That $30,000 sounds very optimistic. It’s like me asking Candice Swanepoel to get me a private limo for our midnight rendezvous.

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