Rita Ora Will Not Be Getting Naked in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Rita Ora was cast as Mia Grey in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie but she won’t be getting naked which is weird because isn’t that the whole point of the movie? To watch a bunch of hot people do it? Well, whatever.

“No! Calvin, my dad and brother had a group meeting to worry about it. I leave that to the main characters,” Rita Ora told The Sun.

“He [Calvin Harris] gets me, so he brought out the best in me like nobody else could,” the British songstress added, pertaining to the new single that Harris wrote for her.

Ora also revealed that she likes a little bit of pain during sex which makes the role perfect for her apparently.

“I mean, I like a whip. This is why Fifty Shades is perfect for me because I really love the book. But I like unexpected stuff. A tiny bit of [pain], not too much,” Ora shared.

Now she can’t complain when Calvin Harris all of a sudden drips hot candle wax over her chest when they have sex. Score!

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