Terry Richardson Didn’t Proposition a Model Over Facebook

When UK model Emma Appleton accused Terry Richardson of propositioning her for sex in exchange for a Vogue shoot, everyone pretty much gave her the benefit of the doubt because Uncle Terry is a gigantic perv. Emma then backtracked a little saying it could be a fake account but that ultimately she did it for other models.

Anyway, remember how I said this was the easiest thing to prove because you can just check if the Facebook account was real? Yea, that’s exactly what they did. Turns out it was fake.

Online forensic expert, Theo Yedinsky, said Facebook had removed the fake account, which he discovered was set up two weeks ago from “some random Gmail account.”

A source close to Richardson said, “The whole thing is defamatory and possibly illegal. Appleton’s agent was informed about the fake account . . . but refused to acknowledge the truth and continued to grandstand.”

This is probably one of the few times Terry Richardson has come out on top. Unless you count all those times he sat on a model’s chest and jerked off on their face.

Note: That’s not Emma Appleton in the header photo in case you’re wondering.

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9 years ago

NEWSFLASH: Still a scumbag perv!