Thai People are Dressing Up as Mexican Gangsters and Forming Gangs

An odd trend has emerged in Bangkok, Thailand where many locals have taken to dressing like cholos and forming their own gangs. However, none of them actively participate in drug running, prostitution rings or gambling. They say they just enjoy the Mexican gang lifestyle and clothes. One of members is even a police officer while another is a teacher.

Coconuts TV met up with three “gangs,” Balcony Pain, Fratez and D Sixty, for a photoshoot and to learn a little more about this weird trend. Check out the video.

So it’s less a gang and more a bunch of people who like to cosplay after work. I wonder if they stage make-believe gang wars and shout, “Pew pew pew,” while pointing finger guns at each other.

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Jason B
8 years ago

Man, this is totally a cosplay type of thing. Thank God for the aptly named “coconuts tv”, covering some bonkers-ass s**t, so I can see where not to travel. You can’t keep a good idiot down.

The Blemish
8 years ago
Reply to  Jason B

The friendliest cholos you’ll ever meet.

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