This Is the Topless Woman Who Freaked Out at McDonald’s

Over the weekend, a video came out of a woman flipping her s**t at a McDonald’s during an incident that happened last March. FOX 13 caught up with Sandra Suarez who said she wasn’t drunk or on drugs and doesn’t even remember what happened. She says it was a bipolar episode.

According to reports, Suarez became enraged when an employee denied her offer of a parking lot blowjob. She was sent to the hospital to get checked out but no alcohol or drugs were found in her system. She was released on $7,000 bond.

The mother of two says she may move out of Florida to her birthplace of Colombia if that video of her rampaging topless through McDonald’s becomes too tough on her kids. Who wants to tell her they get internet in Colombia too?

The employee who uploaded the video and her co-worker who can be heard were fired. Although I’m sure their last words were, “Worth it!”

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