A Topless Woman Went on a Rampage in a McDonald’s

It’s unclear why this woman stripped down to just her panties and went on a rampage inside a St. Petersburg McDonald’s.

Watch as her titties flop around like cow udders while she bangs her head on the counter, trashes cash registers, tips a refrigerator over and ends her rampage by calmly serving herself some ice cream. Because if you’re going to trash a McDonald’s naked, you should at least treat yourself to some soft-serve.

I don’t think I have to mention that the video is NSFW.

  • guest

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time….LMAO

  • Sam the Sham

    Legalize drugs NOW. This is proof that all legal drugs would do is get you to party naked.

  • My Man Stan

    There is something wrong with the girl watching this. What’s funny about this? It’s just sad. How would the chick feel if this woman was destroying her place? Or her car? This person is mentally ill. I would question the stability of anyone laughing at this. I hope the girl watching is just young and immature.

    • Dina Strange

      Agree. She is as mentally insane if not more as the other girl.

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