Wendy Williams Advises Guest to Trick Her Husband Into Having a Baby

There’s a segment on Wendy Williams’ show called Ask Wendy where guests, uh, ask Wendy questions. A few days ago, one guest asked, “So I’ve been married for six years and me and my husband just had our first baby girl nine months ago. So before we were married, he promised me we would have two kids and now he doesn’t want anymore. My friends think I should trick him and stop taking my birth control. What do you think, Wendy?”

Guess what Wendy’s advice is? That’s right. Go for it, girl. He doesn’t own your uterus. You stop taking those pills and put that baby in you. Promises are promises after all!

Worst. Advice. Ever.

But how does the audience react when Wendy asks if them to clap if they agree that she should trick him? With raucous applause. Hoo-ray!

However, note the reactions of the four men in the audience. Only one of the three is clapping and that’s the white guy with the bowtie. I’m pretty sure his spine was replaced with a vagina long ago. Meanwhile, the brown guy in the far back left looks a little scared, the black guy in the suit is shaking his head in disagreement and the other black guy in the pink shirt is just looking side to side thinking, “Bitches be crazy.”

Even the woman who asked the question thinks everyone is insane.

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7 years ago

Welfare mom wannabe.

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