10th Grader Passes Out Semen-Filled Cupcakes to Her Bullies

A tenth grader at Centennial High School in Bakersfield, CA is in trouble for passing out cupcakes laced with pubic hair, semen, expired food and pills to her classmates. Specifically to the students who were picking on her.

At first it seemed like a nice gesture but they quickly realized the cupcakes were off. Asked why the cupcakes tasted bad, she straight up told them she put semen in them.

The Bakersfield Police Department was contacted, the cupcakes destroyed and the Health Department is looking into the matter. Students were also informed of a new school policy stating that no outside food will be allowed on campus.

Moral of the story. Don’t be a dick and, if you are, you probably shouldn’t accept food from the person you were a dick to because you’ll probably end up with a mouthful of baked semen.

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