Aw, God Dammit. Bieber Might Be Hooking Up With Barbara Palvin

A new report by E! from Cannes says that after attending the Cinema Against AIDS charity auction where he was “just here to swag,” Justin Bieber and 20-year-old model Barbara Palvin were seen flirting again during Roberto Cavalli’s yacht party. She later left and went back to his hotel.

According to an insider, the Biebs “went straight over” to Palvin and “started chatting and flirting” with her.

“They were clearly really happy to see each other and were smiling, laughing and touching each other’s’ hair and face,” our source tells us.

“She said, ‘It’s so great to see you!’ and had her hand on his back long after they’d hugged each other hello and he was beaming.”

Shortly after the pair reunited on the yacht, Bieber left to head to his suite at the Carlton Hotel moments before Palvin left the party.

Our insider tells us that Palvin also left the party and arrived at the luxury hotel shortly after.

You know how attractive girls tell you they want a nice guy who’s not a douchebag? Haha, you actually believe that? You must not get laid, like, ever.

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9 years ago

Stop making stories up about beiber hook-ups no even in a million years that little brad could get this girl she hot as hell wayyyy out of that little pathetic excuse of human being xD