Boxer Deontay Wilder Knocks Around Internet Troll

Charlie Zelenoff has been trolling heavyweight boxing champ Deontay Wilder for years. Wilder says not only did he throw racial slurs at him but also clowned his young daughter who was diagnosed with spina bifida.

The possibly mentally handicapped Zelenoff challenged Wilder to a fight at a boxing gym in Hollywood, possible Legends MMA. The two met up on Wednesday where Zelenoff threw a cheap shot before running out the door.

When he came back, they restarted the fight on the main floor. The outcome was predictable. Zelenoff got his ass kicked by a boxer wearing two right-handed gloves.

After Zelenoff got out of the fetal position, Wilder yelled, “Don’t ever call me a ni**er again. Don’t you ever say you’re going to take (tape?)┬ámy daughter around.” Zelenoff ran off and out the door again but before he left he told him, “I’m the best. I’m still the best.”

This guy is still trolling after he got his ass kicked. This guy is committed, I’ll give him that.

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