Courtney Stodden’s First Date Ended Unexpectedly

Courtney Stodden went on her first date with a guy called the Angry Ginger and it ended about as well as you’d expect any Courtney Stodden date with a guy called the Angry Ginger to end. With a bitch slap.

A TMZ/Fishwrapper photog caught up with the two who said something about working together on something. Who knows? No one’s going to watch it anyway. In either case, the cameraman asked the Angry Ginger to give Stodden a kiss which he tried to do but his face was intercepted with a slap. Courtney Stodden told him, “You don’t do that on a first date.” Wait? What? I… Courtney Stodden said that? I feel like I’m in bizarro world.

You can check out the video at Fishwrapper but, much like Stodden’s boobs, it looks pretty fake.

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9 years ago

She said no repeatedly, and he tried to assault her. Just because of how she dresses and some of the thing she does does not mean she just wants to kiss everyone all the time.