Dumbasses Crash Their Car While Filming a Lip Sync

You know how when you take driving lessons to get your license they go over important things to remember like keep your eyes on the road, don’t be distracted, don’t take your hands off the wheel? These girls don’t because they did all three.

Two women in Iran crashed their car when the decided to karaoke along with an Iranian pop song called “Ghorboni.” Not only did the driver take her hands off the wheel but she was dumb enough to start doing some dance moves while her friend cheered her on like her life wasn’t hanging in the balance. They managed to escape with only minor injuries but, proving there’s no shame in their game, took a selfie of themselves in the hospital. Now they’re the laughing stock of the internet spawning parodies like this.

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7 years ago

That’s why women aren’t allowed to drive over there.

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