Girl Claims Justin Bieber Tried to Steal Her Phone

LAPD is investigating an alleged attempted robbery by Justin Bieber after a woman claims Bieber rifled through her purse to get her phone.

On Monday night at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park, a San Fernando Valley woman saw Bieber playing miniature golf and using the batting cages with his “entourage.” At some point, Bieber and his people got into it with some guys at the batting cage when Bieber saw her go for her phone to take pictures. Justin asked for her phone to erase any she may have took. She said no so he did the sensible thing and went through her purse to grab it.

Bieber, who’s not above wrestling a woman for a phone, did just that. He managed to tear it out of her hands but couldn’t do anything because the phone was locked. Justin demanded she unlock it to see if she took photos. She agreed and showed him there were none.

She says she told Justin she and her 13-year-old daughter just wanted to say hi, and Justin screamed, “You’re humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don’t you just get out of here.” Her daughter started crying.

She says at that point Justin turned and started screaming at someone else.

So not only does Justin Bieber try to steal phones from mothers but he also makes 13-year-old’s cry. What a little angel. If Hitler was alive, even he would shake his head at him in disappointment and say, “Look at zees little dooshbag.”

To cement his position as #1 dickhole, here he is horseback riding shirtless like some sort of gay cowboy. This is what the Marlboro Man would have looked like if he was a twink.

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