The Girl Who Sold Her Virginity for $800K Backs Out of Auction

Elizabeth Raine from the blog Musings of a Virgin Whore decided to auction off her virginity like a few women before her have.

At the ripe age of 28, virginity fits me like a glove. It is unexpected and unconventional, yet exhilarating and empowering. Now, having made the decision to sell my virginity, I cannot imagine losing it in any other way. This blog is the true and intimate story of my modern-day virginity auction.

The auction ended with a winning bid of $801,000 but she’s decided to back out of it.

The bidding closed yesterday as planned (high bid was $801,000), but I am here to tell you that the terms of the auction will not be fulfilled. With the blessings of my management and the high bidders, I have decided to put a stop to this kerfuffle (to describe it nicely) and return my focus to my medical training. I still do possess some spitefully strong beliefs about virginity, prostitution, and a woman’s right to do as she damned pleases, but school is my first priority (as it has been for my entire life). At this point, I no longer care about the auction, at all. This was a very easy decision.

10 to 1 odds she saw a picture of whoever won the bid before this sudden change of heart. Sorry, dude. Looks like that bottle of for his and her pleasure lube you bought is just going to be for his pleasure now.

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9 years ago

Her “sewn in” hymen probably started to rot…