God Gave Toni Braxton’s Son Autism Because She Got an Abortion

In Toni Braxton’s memoir, Unbreak My Heart, she says God punished her for her abortion by giving her son autism. The lord works in mysterious and dickish ways.

“I was suddenly faced with a choice I’d never thought I’d have to make. Amid my major misgivings about abortion, I eventually made the gut-wrenching decision… In my heart, I believed I had taken a life — an action that I thought God might one day punish me for. … My initial rage was quickly followed by another strong emotion: guilt. I knew I’d taken a life… I believed God’s payback was to give my son autism.”

Braxton was on the prescription acne medication Accutane when she found out she was pregnant. One of the side effects of the drug is birth defects so she chose to get an abortion. When she later had children with her now ex-husband, she discovered her son Diezel had autism. She eventually came to the conclusion that God had pointed at her like an angry clinic protestor and screamed, “Baby killer!,” before putting autism in her son.

Well… um… at least she’s not blaming vaccines so there’s that. Oh, wait. I just didn’t read far enough.

“Maybe it’s just a coincidence that after my son’s first MMR vaccine, I began to notice changes in him,” she writes, saying that her son wasn’t as spirited as when she brought him home from the hospital. She writes that her son wasn’t responsive to affection.

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7 years ago

And God said she should blow me every day because she flicked her bean.

007snipes .
007snipes .
7 years ago

What an idiot she is ROFL!!!

Mark Dreher
7 years ago

Abortion, is, “a murder charge”.

And when you kneel, before God
On your last day.

And shaking.

You will meet that child.
All grown up.

You got some splaining
To do

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