Khloe Kardashian Shows Off Her Ass at the NBC Upfronts

Khloe Kardashian may be the product of Kris Jenner and Bigfoot but that unholy union did manage to create one big ass. You could put a glass of water on that thing without it spilling. If she stood up on an airplane during takeoff and landing, flight attendants would tell her to return her ass to the upright position.

In related news, North West was conceived in Florence, Italy. This according to Kanye West in an exclusive interview with La Nazione.

“I adore Florence,” he shared. “I love Italy and the Italian lifestyle. To tell you the truth, I already came to the banks of the Arno [river] with Kim last year, just the two of us, incognito.”

“I think that our daughter North was conceived here among the Renaissance masterpieces,” he continued. “It was our first honeymoon. It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world—for me the most beautiful in Europe.”

That’s a much better story to tell your kid than that they were conceived in a bathtub in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, in marriage news, no one knows where Kanye and Kim are getting married. It could Florence, it could be Paris. No one knows. No one cares either.

Entertainment Tonight (via Us) reported on Thursday, May 15, that the couple’s wedding would be in Florence. A source confirms that Florence is one of the wedding weekend locations to Us Weekly—but another insider says guests might be in for even more surprises.

“Kim and Kanye have told all guests different info,” the second source tells Us. “No one knows all of the details.”

Guests must love this. It’s like a surprise vacation. All they have to do is fuel their private jets and decide where to go on the day of.

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